Story Starters, Sept. 2018

LAMAR’S INTRO: Little known fact! I travel to schools and conferences a lot. Sometimes, I get to lead a writing workshop I call Story Starters. It consists of several three minute exercises that attempt to spark different creative aspects of the writing process—essentially things that help you start a story.

As you can imagine, three minutes does not allow for a complete story in most cases. So, I make the workshop participants an offer…if they decide to finish a story (or poem, or drawing, or, really, anything) that they started in a workshop and want the world to see it, I’m happy to share the results here. Behold…

Dear Mother by Briann L.

Dear mother,

I’m sorry that you weren’t there for me I’m sorry that I’ve grown into a trouble maker I’m sorry I’m disrespectful. I feel like I wouldn’t be this way if I had you in my life. If you would’ve been there for me through all my heart breaks. You know it hurts not to talk to you mother about guys. I just wish I could have that perfect story ending. Please answer me these questions...Why did you choose the drugs over me? Was I not perfect enough for you? Was I a disgrace to you?What was it? I need to know. Why couldn’t I have my mother that treated me right? That disciplining me for little mistakes I made. Just why? My life is strange. All the hurt I feel I keep it all inside. But once one little things tips me off.... I release it like there’s no tomorrow. I take it out on people that care for me, the people who are there for me. I hurt them the way you hurt me.

I just want my happy ending where I have my mother at my wedding, to see her grandchildren and most of all to see me happy.

Briann L., Reuther Central High School, WI

Lamar Giles